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About BigGo Search Engine

  • BigGo Originated from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Established in August of 2016, BigGo is the only product search engine capable of finding and retrieving all products from all existing shopping websites. We are also the only product search engine that offers cash back globally.
  • Upon breaking the traditional price comparison website, our main goal is locate and retrieve all products that are currently posted in your area and present them to you.
  • BigGo works more effective and efficiently than price comparison websites such as iprice, pricepanda, and priceme. Which would directly translate to saving you more time and/or more money.
  • BigGo bring everyday consumers to shopping websites and we provide users the swiftness of shopping just as you would experience shopping locally.
  • BigGo does not employ any price sorting algorithms due to the fact that is has been outdated and price is no longer factored in as a default standard. On top of that, some websites hide their final selling price due to various reasons and most shopping comparison websites are unable to locate these products. How else can BigGo help users find products that are right for them?
  • BigGo is able to achieve the best result by utilizing artificial intelligence by using a fractional trade-off mechanism to eliminate unwanted search results. Determining interactions of the current user and their data to thoroughly filter products you are truly looking for. This searching mechanism will only make BigGo more complete to provide a far more product search system.
  • Please feel free to ✉️contact us, if you have any further questions.